Liam Heins

Liam Heins

Graduate Student
Dyche Hall

Liam is a master's student working with Bruce Lieberman and Mark Holder on integrating fossil data into phylogenetic trees in a maximum likelihood context.



For my project I will use fossil data drawn primarily from two trilobite groups, the Olenellina and the Cheiruridae, to build and test models for phylogenetic analysis in a maximum likelhood context. My research interests include phylogenetic methodology, quantitative morphology, the evolution of the arthropods, and theoretical evolutionary biology, among other topics.


B.A., University of Chicago

Professional Presentations: 

2013. American Ornithologists' Union/Cooper Ornithological Society Joint Meeting, Chicago, IL. “Use of Skeletal Morphometrics and Phylogenetic Information in Predicting Body Mass in the Diverse “Waterbird” Assemblage.”

2012. Field Museum of Natural History Undergraduate Research Symposium. Chicago, IL. “Skeletal Morphometrics and Phylogenetic Predictors of Body Mass in the Diverse “Waterbird” Assemblage (Aves).”